About us


At CURAit, we design all our solutions based on customer requirements and the best technology. We are educated and certified in our supplier’s products in order to ensure the best consultancy. Additionally, we are a customer in our own hostingcenter and thereby, we know every opportunity, as well as the limitations that sometimes can occur. It is a strength for us that we know the technologies in detail and advise in all the solutions that we sell.

We have a size, a staff composition, and a product range that allow an agile business strategy, which is centered around the market’s most innovative solutions and the best technologies. As a result, we have a very short response time.

At CURAit, we offer;

  • IT infrastructure and datacenter solutions, hosted or on-premises
  • Hosted services
  • NetApp storage, servers and switches from Cisco
  • Microsoft design specialists
  • Datacenter solutions from VMware
  • Backup & Replication solutions from VEEAM
  • “Mobile device management” / “Bring your own device”
  • IT security Firewall / Gateway / Endpoint
  • Network and Wireless design

Based on customer needs, CURAit offers professional consultancy, implementation and maintenance in every phase of the customers’ IT infrastructure. This ensures the ability to provide the quality that lives up to our vision.

- ‘Growth through customer satisfaction’. Claim: Everyone can sell service, but in the end, it is the customer opinion that matters! Our position is that customer satisfaction is the key to success. Therefore, we only want to deal with the number of customers that is consistent with our capacity. In this way, we ensure an optimal service level that can give us a strong profile on the market.



  • Gitte Holst Christensen

    Administration / Finance
    OneNumber: +4588524908

  • Martin Phillip Maleschyn

    CEO / Partner
    OneNumber: +4588524900

  • Christian Lausten

    CFO / Partner
    OneNumber: +4588524905

  • Ole Christensen

    CBO / Partner
    One number: +4588524904



  • Christopher Andersen

    Product Manager
    OneNumber: +4588524903

  • Morten Nybo Dahl

    IT System Manager
    OneNumber: +4588524901



  • Thomas Scholz

    Technical Consultant
    OneNumber: +4588524902



  • Rasmus Laursen

    Sales Manager
    OneNumber: +4588524907



  • Steffen Amby

    Technical Consultant
    OneNumber: +4588524911



  • Karina Tvangsø Sonn

    Sales and Communications Assistant
    OneNumber: +4588524914

    På barsel

  • Søren Johannesen

    Technical Supporter
    OneNumber: +4588524913

  • Jeppe Kjærsgaard

    Technical Supporter 
    OneNumber: +4588524915

  • Jimmy Larsen

    UCC Consultant

    OneNumber: +4588524918

  • Mattias Funch

    Key Account Manager
    OneNumber: +4588524929

  • Frederik Voss

    Data Technician Apprentice
    OneNumber: +4570223545


  • David Sharef

    Teknisk konsulent
    OneNumber: +4588524916


  • Karl Schlage

    Data Technician Apprentice
    OneNumber: +4570223545

  • Mathias Nielsen

    Service Coordinator
    OneNumber: +4588524910

  • Dennis Christensen

    Backoffice Consultant
    OneNumber: +4588524919