CURAit offers two types of Commvault solutions. You can purchase all Commvault products as a service, but you also have the option to install it dedicated in your own environment with your own license.

Below, we focus on some of the great functions and options Within Commvault.  

CLOUDvault – one platform for your entire IT environment
CURAit has entered a strategic cooperation with the established data management company Commvault that for many years has been a flagshipwithin data management in the enterprise segment. By breaking their platform down into the more agile platform, CLOUDvault, we are able to provide a palette of services, which all together are offered in a scalable model based on "start small, think big".

Whether your company data is located in a virtual, physical and / or in a cloud, you’ll get one platform for data protection, migration, DR, administration, file sharing, compliance etc. Everything is controlled from here, and you don’t have to mix and match a lot of solutions that are not made for each other which can end up in an administrative overhead. In other words, CLOUDvault is a platform that can handle all your data – regardless of where they are located.  

Act flexible in the market with CLOUDvault
If your needs change in the future, it is easy to expand your solution with some of the other services in the product palette. Maybe you have backup, but want to add archive and e-Discovery to ease your GDPR work? Maybe you are about to change platform/datacenter and want to make use of the migration module in CLOUDvault. When needs and trends change, IT must be able to follow – one setup might be the best choice today – but maybe your need looks different tomorrow? With CLOUDvault, you are not locked in a specific infrastructure or certain producers. The platform supports a long range of storage platforms, applications and OS, which give your company every option to act flexible in the market and not have to be limited by neither IT environment, location or application.  

Did you know..

  • That CLOUDvault supports more than 30 cloud providers, 25 storage platforms and 24 applications, databases and file systems.
  • That Gartner has voted Commvault number 1 for the seventh year running within Enterprise Backup & Recovery file systems.
  • That CLOUDvault offers efficient webbased self-service to give you the possibility to manage your data.
  • That CURAit has certified Commvault consultants to design, manage and implement a data management solution that matches your need.

Full platform – simple billing system
With CLOUDvault you can get a complete security solution – or you can select the separate services that support your needs. In the CLOUDvault circle below, we have tried to break down the complexity and set up an overview of the diversity that CLOUDvault offers within data protection and management. The circle is divided in parts based on the core product areas in CLOUDvault. Every area contains different solutions – according to the number of extra possibilities and functions you need. In the outer ring you’ll find some of the many suppliers and providers that CLOUDvault supports.

"Commvault is a data management platform that helps companies with much more than traditional backup and restore. Commvault protects your data where data lives. CURAit has a deep knowledge of the market, customer needs and the challenges that todays companies face. It is a huge advantage to Commvault that CURAit can sell, install and service the solution – or provide it as a service.”
Klaus Jensen, Territory Manager, Commvault.