Use EATON’s expertize in power saving, energy optimizing, backup and emergency power! From every computer, workstation, home office and server rack to the entire datacenter. Energy-saving UPS systems for power protection and emergency power can make the difference between continuous productivity and costly downtime.

EATON covers the entire range of needs through innovative and reliable UPS solutions, which keep the infrastructure going without working overtime in case of power loss. You can consult us about offline-/online UPS, backup, batteries and much more.

EATON also offers a wide variety of rack-based ePDU power strips. By using these, you’ll ensure reliable, constant power distribution, while you have the ability to measure, monitor, and manage your power consumption down to every individual server.

With Intelligent Power Software, you’ll have a professional tool for managing power entities in your physical or virtual environment. The software solution enables remote monitoring, -control and -management of the entities in your network. This ensures system uptime and data integrity.

Moreover, EATON’s solutions include entities for transient protection, rack cabinets, airflow management and service.

CURAit is a competent and strong business partner for Eaton. The customers’ desires and needs are evaluated every time, and the entire picture is reviewed in order to ensure that the correct solution is offered to the customer. They take pride in providing the proper guidance and in operating as a business partner for the customer.” Bozidar Dedic ET & IT Channel Manager at EATON Denmark.

Below, you'll find examples of customer cases, based on  EATON Technologies: