Stay ahead of powerful IT with worldwide Fujitsu. CURAit has selected Fujitsu as a core supplier of desktops and servers due to their high quality and cost competitive prices which meet individual customer demands.

A Fujitsu server solution gives your company the perfect platform to build a solid IT infrastructure with high performance and storage requirements. This, whether it concerns simple server needs focusing on small budgets or demanding datacenter solutions with powerful servers that are ideal for e.g. virtualization, server consolidation and HPC scenarios.

With Fujitsu desktops, you will get products that are ready for demanding business systems and tomorrows applications. The many different Fujitsu desktop options can give you the right solution – whether you need Superior, Advanced or an all-around desktop solution.

Use Fujitsu regardless of your business size and industry – for remote offices and branch offices. Price, performance and reliability are in focus, which gives you the ideal foundation to turn your IT into a competitive advantage.  


”CURAit has become one of our most strategic business partners at Fujitsu A/S. CURAit has a very deep knowledge of the market leading technologies and their consultancy is outstanding. The customers are always very positive around the collaboration with CURAit because they, through their work, radiates an enormous joy and passion for what they do. With CURAit as partner and adviser, we see a solid and stable collaboration grow even stronger and bigger in the future". Ronnie Hermann Frandsen, Ent. Product Manager, Fujitsu.