Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest, privately-held cyber security company with customers who include small and mid-sized companies up to large national and commercial organizations. Kaspersky security solutions cover everything from endpoints to infrastructure, inclusive protection of virtual environments and mobile devices.

CURAit cooperates with Kaspersky, because their award-winning technology makes them in the lead against the latest IT security threats. Kaspersky offers their users the best opportunities to keep their devices and data fully protected and achieve a customized solution – whether it is cloud, stand-alone or a total security and management solution.

As to one of the time’s biggest security threats, ransomware, Kaspersky is the only one on the cyber security market to stop a ransomware attack in real-time. In Kaspersky solutions, you’ll find a module to stop ransomware on endpoints and a patented Anti-Cryptor, which stops the spread on servers and endpoints.

Kaspersky’s innovative technologies cover specific requirements, e.g. excellent protection levels, adaptability to changed circumstances, scalability, compatibility with different platforms, high performance, high error tolerance, usability, and high value. Additionally, Kaspersky solutions provide you with an easy, centralized management of Kaspersky Security Center that includes the entire network regardless of the number and type of platforms.

Therefore, with Kaspersky you’ll get a consistent and in-depth security solution which enables you to observe, manage and protect your entire company’s IT environment in the best way possible.    

Below, you'll find examples of customer cases, based on  kaspersky Technologies: