Microsoft’s mission is to make people and businesses worldwide able to use their full potential. Whether you are establishing a sole proprietorship or are working in a business in progress, Microsoft can provide innovative technologies, which contribute to the development of the business and the achievement of your goals.

A company in growth represents some exciting new challenges: More people to take care of, more customers to answer and more information to manage. Fortunately, for companies like yours, Microsoft offers technology designed to help you managing the new challenges and help you to expand.

For businesses that want to use the many benefits of a cloud solution, Microsoft can provide the right combination of tools to ensure your productivity. With the right combination of usable tools, you can do the work from almost anywhere on almost every device. Whether your business is newly established and about to set up a customer base, or a growing company that has to react quickly on continuous changes in the target group, Microsoft is able to provide a unique combination of accessible tools in order to find and answer new customers.

“CURAit is a consulting house that provides professional solutions to our customers and focuses on providing solutions that are environmentally efficient.” Microsoft Denmark.


Below, you'll find examples of customer cases, based on microsoft technologies: