Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless meets the growing outside expectations for wireless network by providing speed, stability and strength. Therefore, CURAit cooperates with Ruckus who along with innovative hardware and software improves our customer’s network solutions.

Ruckus technology is different from competitors. Take e.g. the unique antenna system Beamflex which is amazing in doing wireless infrastructure more efficient. Unlike traditional wireless antennas, BEAMFLEX takes a more adaptable approach that constantly finds the best signal pattern to the receiving device. This gives the users a long range of benefits such as improved application flow, increased performance and range. Within access points, Ruckus offers ground-breaking features e.g. noise suppression and technology for parallel management of HD IPTV & VoIP. Furthermore, double-polarised adaptive antennas can enhance the speed and performance of the network, so the devices always connect optimally to the access points.

In other words, Ruckus product portfolio at CURAit presents solid ways for our customers to have wireless infrastructure in order to make their weekday and procedures more gradual and efficient. You can get an overview of the solution through a cloud management platform that enables you to monitor and manage your access points and additional Ruckus solution.