A complete communication solution
Skype for Business integrates telephony with collaboration tools from Microsoft. This fusion gives you many opportunities to communicate and collaborate professionally through phone, chat, video and file sharing. Skype for Business offers, in other words, the best conditions to be online and connect across devices and organizations. All in one solution.   

Invite, collaborate and present
The integration between Skype for Business and Office365 means that you can easily invite colleagues, collaborators and customers to participate in web meetings. By using screen sharing and simultaneous editing, you can collaborate with various authors as if you were sitting next to them.

You can invite, edit, present and attend meetings no matter what device you are working on – from office, home or on the move.    

What are your needs?
At CURAit we know that it can be a complex area to create a consistent communication platform. That is why we can help you compose a solution that brings optimal value to your business.  

Skype for Business can be installed as 100% on-premises or as either a dedicated or a shared environment in our hosting center. The solution can be designed in many ways according to your present equipment and your future needs.

You are always welcome to contact our sales department to achieve competent consultancy on how your solution can be optimally designed (

CURAit has simplified the complexity in Skype for Business and created a 100% cloud solution to get you off to a good start: Choose between Basis or ProThis is especially based on customers who consider to get Office365 or already have it and would like to use Skype for Business as their primary telephone system. Both in Basis and Pro you can enjoy the many efficient meeting and collaboration opportunities with the Office365 integration. Basis, however, only gives you access to basic telephony functions while Pro has been extended with a more advanced functionality.

Simple telephony with Basis
Skype for Business Basis gives you a simple and solid package with basic PBX functions. The solution is 100% cloud which provides a manageable per user agreement without any large upfront investments. In Basis you can make use of simple features as welcome greetings, OneNumber and single layer welcome menu (IVR).

Unique functionality with Pro
With Pro you can maximize the advantages in Skype for Business. We provide Pro with a hosted PBX system which gives you features such as advanced call flows, queues, multi layered welcome menu (IVR), group calls, statistics, wallboard and much more.

You will be provided with a status of your colleagues’ availability (Presence) in and outside the office. In that way, you can quickly redirect calls and avoid unnecessary interruptions.

However, Pro is the ideal communication solution to create flow in working procedures along with as little waiting time as possible. We take care of installation, configuration and monitoring which leaves you with the energy to concentrate fully on your core business.

Basis or Pro
Which solution matches your company? 
CURAit has listed some of the many features included in Basis and Pro.
In Pro, you will also benefit from all basic features. 

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*Welcome greetings, waiting music, opening and closing messages etc.
**The number of SIP trunks and usage are charged separately