VMware is a world-leading provider of virtualization software and private cloud solutions. VMware provides extremely scalable, economical and user-friendly solutions, which can match the needs and requirements from companies of all sizes concerning virtualization or cloud installations – whether private, hybrid or public.

Through constant product development, VMware shows how their products continuously are able to reduce capital and operation costs, improve the flexibility and agility of the company. Moreover, VMware ensures continuity and security that exceed what you can achieve in a traditional non-virtualized world. With their cloud strategy, they show how to raise it to the cloud.

CURAit has chosen VMware as their market-leading software, which makes it simple and agile to manage both the datacenter, hardware, and software – even on mobile clients. VMware is one of the world’s most talented and most trendsetting company. In principle, they can put a whole company into one software solution in order to manage all its resources and IT services on the most simple and timesaving manner.

"At VMware, we often experience that our customers demand a competent business partner. One that not only has the technical knowledge of the products, but also can manage to work as a consulting partner in relation to the development of their business. Our experience is that CURAit can provide this customer consultancy, and ensure that our products’ core competences are expressed in the best possible way. This commitment from CURAit emphasizes the importance of the partnership that we have with our providers. “ Peter Klint, Senior Manager Channel and General Business Nordics at VMware.

Below, you'll find examples of customer cases, based on VMWARE Technologies: