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As a digital agency, DIS/PLAY has always had a big IT development department and many servers. In 2010, when the agency decided on a new business strategy, it was time to invest in new hardware and further consolidation of the infrastructure. DIS/PLAY was prepared to book a provider, but the meeting with CURAit has drawn the IT decisions in a different direction.

When DIS/PLAY was established in 1995, by the name Dansk Internet Selskab, their core product was intranet to public organizations. Along with the development, the bureau extended their product range and had a new identity. The digital agency wins prices for their web design and is among the biggest in Denmark. Today, DIS/PLAY lives of digital communication, which among others include strategy, analysis, concept, design, mobile apps, video, and websites as their bearing products.

The change of direction has been profitable for the agency, which has grown from nearly 30 employees to 80 today, after a management buyout in 2007.

As a digital agency the many pictures, videos, and graphics raise high demands for data management and space, and the agency has always had a big IT development department, which handled the task of ensuring the backbone of the company.

“Earlier, the server room was filled to the brim, and that proved costly in power – also in terms of cooling”. The first step was to consolidate the 50 servers into three servers in order to save both money and space. This investment paid itself back within two years”, René Ellegaard Viem says, IT System Administrator at DIS/PLAY.

“A couple of years ago after moving, rebranding and high growth, we needed extra horse power within the infrastructure”. The system ran slowly, and the disk space has been spent. We received an extensive report on the infrastructural statement and an upgrading offer from another IT provider and were actually ready to accept it. But then CURAit came into the picture, and offered a more simple structure and solutions with longer durability and more opportunities,” René Ellegaard Viem says.

“I chose CURAit based on their strong arguments. They understood our needs immediately and were trustworthy. The solutions they offered seemed more well-considered and therefore more attractive to us. For example, we have been presented to FlexPod Express from NetApp, which is a shared platform that brings together the entire infrastructure into a manageable and simple structure. In addition, they offered deduplication in order to avoid using storage space on two identical files. We can also downscale the disk space with two mouse clicks. We have got a number of new functions, which give more performance and more future-oriented solutions,” René Ellegaard Viem states.

However, not only the functions drew attention.

“From day one, CURAit seemed really committed and present, and they answered all of our questions. We could feel the fact that CURAit is a smaller provider, where customer service has high priority. Everything was, for example, quite fast and without complications. One month after the agreement was signed; we were all set with the new infrastructure. They received all the equipment at their location, put it together, had it tested, marked it all with labels and documented it, and then they set it up in our server room in half a day,” René Ellegaard Viem tells.

He also notes that CURAit offered to concentrate the many different licenses from VMware within one package. Some licenses had expired, some were ‘advanced’ without the need for it – and now DIS/PLAY has got all licenses brought together within one agreement.

At DIS/PLAY, the performance of the IT systems has become much better. Since we do not hear any complaints from the users about the system running slowly, then it equals success.

“We have an infrastructure where everything is running painlessly and quickly. Our performance is high, the backup runs automatically on disks, and we have released resources in the IT department. This has given us the opportunity to concentrate our energy on other development projects. Currently, we consider to replicate the backup in the cloud, and get an internal IT emergency plan. It enables us to have ongoing inputs on how to improve our IT, and this we really value, René Ellegaard Viem concludes.


  • Professionalism and competent consultancy
  • Great commitment and rapid response
  • Deep business insight
  • Compliance of all agreements and a high service level
  • Future-proven and innovative solutions


  • FlexPod Express, which consolidates the infrastructure on one platform
  • Three servers from Cisco
  • Virtualization from VMware (currently, 120 virtualized servers)
  • A big SAN from NetApp with two disk shelves for the virtualized servers
  • A new disk-based backup system from Veeam
  • Switches from Cisco
  • Dell SonicWALL HA firewall cluster
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