The following statements are quoted from IT Manager at Lytzen, Carsten Witt:

Lytzen A/S, established in 1947, is an international concern headquartered in Herlev. The company has specialized in quality ovens for the pharmaceutical industry and the plastics processing industry.

“The installation of our new IT environment has proceeded flawlessly, but my work tasks were quickly doubled, and the previous tasks, that we still needed to handle, were overshadowed by all the new tasks,” Carsten Witt says.

Therefore, the company saw the opportunity to outsource the task to a business partner that has specialized in operating and maintaining IT platforms, both servers, firewalls, switches, computers, and backup. However, it was crucial to find the right consultants to service the entire IT infrastructure. “We chose to cooperate with CURAit A/S because they have a service setup that could be customized specifically to our needs”.

”As an introduction to our cooperation, we conducted a detailed examination of all servers and computers in order to identify which ones were business-critical so that these could get a greater response compared to the other devices in our IT infrastructure”.

Lytzen has signed a service agreement with CURAit and thereby went from an unmanaged solution to a managed solution, which provides higher uptime, because problems are identified before they occur. CURAit has full overview of the total IT infrastructure at Lytzen through a monitoring program, which controls that the system works as planned 24 hours a day. Moreover, Lytzen has chosen to hand over the full responsibility for all operation and maintenance of the IT environment to CURAit.

LYTZEN has gained:

  • Service agreement
  • Hosted online backup
  • Hosted antivirus
  • Hosted antispam
  • Vmware Vsphere
  • Dell SonicWALL
  • NetApp SAN
  • HP switches
  • Microsoft server platform / Exchange / Sql / Terminal / Server / Clients

“Having partnered up with CURAit, gives me time to concentrate on all the other work tasks. As a client, we feel that CURAit concentrates fully on us. They focus on our needs. CURAit can strongly be recommended!.”