Less than 12 months after installing one backup system at Nordea Ejendomme, CURAit has become a primary provider of the IT solutions at the property company. The IT performances at Nordea Ejendomme have been improved by 60 percent with help from CURAit that is credited for having a different view on IT and a greater drive than most.

Nordea Ejendomme is a spoiled organization IT-wise. Everyone has new and fast machines and the organization uses the latest technologies. With 70 out of 120 employees at satellite offices or working from home, it raises high demands to the performance of the VDI environment. IT Consultant Michael Garsdal from Nordea Ejendomme was at first interested in a new backup system and a new SAN as their service agreements expired.

“I had an eye for the Veeam Backup system, which was the greatest on the market. When I was contacted by CURAit, they appear not only to be specialists in Veeam – they also have a range of business solutions which largely match what Nordea Ejendomme is using. From this moment, I thought we could be a great match. This was confirmed to me after they offered to go through our infrastructure with fresh eyes and return with a suggestion on how to do things differently for further optimization,” Michael Garsdal says, IT Consultant at Nordea Ejendomme.

At CURAit the job is a lifestyle
After the Veeam backup system has been established and put into operation, the backup battery sets out and needs a replacement. CURAit quickly found a consultant from Eaton (the supplier), and took time to discuss with Michael Garsdal the advantages of a new and energy efficient UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that integrates to shutting down VMware and the SAN.

“We experience the advantages of being a large customer at a minor provider. The service level was significantly higher than we were used to, and we came to know CURAit as a company where the employees perceive their job as a lifestyle rather than as a cash register that rings each time a customer calls”, Michael Garsdal says. A solution where Nordea Ejendomme can save up to 35.000 DKK in power during the next three years.

Wins on credibility
When it was time to renew the SAN system at Nordea Ejendomme, CURAit had the opportunity to bid on the task. The old SAN system was five years old and the support agreement has expired. Again, CURAit won on credibility by explaining how NetApp technology could make a difference and easy integrate with the applications of Nordea, e.g. VMware, compared to a similar solution from another producer.

”Despite of being a bank, which is well-driven IT-wise with high standards for IT documentation, CURAit has, with a huge drive and high expertize, found new ways to improve our IT structure. Not one second of doubt that they choose the best solutions and never oversell,” Michael Garsdal says.

Absolute focus on performance
Less than one year with CURAit as a provider to Nordea Ejendomme, the systems have been remarkably improved. 70 out of 120 employees work, i.e. at satellite offices in Hillerød and Århus and from home. This VDI environment was slow and it took the employees 45 seconds to log on to their virtual machines outside the main building. The optimization with a new SAN has reduced the log in time to 15 seconds.

”After a recommendation from CURAit, we only use VMware ”Read Cache”, which uses local SSD disks, placed in every VMware host. This ensures that the data are read from SSD and not from the storage system. This means that NetApp can improve their performance,” Michael Garsdal says.

BYOD with an easy administration
VMware Airwatch, the latest solution that Nordea Ejendomme has bought from CURAit, is a MDM solution (Mobile Device Management).

“CURAit told us enthusiastically about AirWatch after a visit in the U.S, and now we have also fallen for this solution. It ensures our employees a simple and secure access to Nordea Ejendomme’s various programs via mobile and tablet, while all data are encrypted. We have a BYOD strategy in relation to the devices that the employees want to use at work and provide a grant for these. Then the employees decide on their own what they prefer as work tool. We strive to meet the needs of the employees, and this we can manage now – along with top security, Michael Garsdal says.”


  • Impressing insight
  • Quality-conscious on behalf of the customers
  • High credibility
  • Perceive the work as a lifestyle


  • Veeam backup and replication
  • Two physical backup servers
  • Eaton ESS Energy Saver System
  • Servers from HP
  • FlashCache in all servers
  • NetApp Storage System
  • VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management