Unicef Denmark

Aid to the world's children depends on innovative it and high uptime

CURAit has proven their value as an IT provider for UNICEF for many years, and has therefore become a central consulting and sparring partner in the children’s fund. With many television campaigns and call center activities every night, UNICEF’s contribution to the world’s children relies on the IT systems to work in real-time. UNICEF aims to get the best IT service and makes no decisions without consulting CURAit.

UNICEF is the world’s largest humanitarian organization for children and works with long-term development projects and emergency relief in 156 countries. UNICEF Denmark – one of the 35 national committees that raise money for UNICEF’s work – was founded in 1954 and has 65 employees. UNICEF’s economy is based 100 percent on private contributions. Therefore, it is crucial that the systems, which support the employees’ work and contributions from the contributors, always work in real-time.

“We have call center activities every night, and if the online payment cannot go through or the contributors cannot log on to our site, it affects the aid to the world’s children. If there is an acute disaster in the world and our IT system does not work immediately after a TV or radio spot, it has big consequences for the many children that we want to help. That is why our aid depends on the IT systems to work all the time,” Thomas Reidar Andersen says, Administrative Manager at UNICEF.

UNICEF has been working closely with CURAit for a number of years, and by time, the partnership has been intensified after a restructuration of the IT department and an increased focus on optimization.

“Today, CURAit is so close to our organization that I don’t make one single decision without consulting them. We don’t have an IT Manager employed anymore – we have CURAit,” Thomas Reidar Andersen says.

CURAit has advised and built up a whole new IT platform at UNICEF Denmark and UNICEF Iceland that has their IT supported in Denmark too.

“We have a large amount of data, and our need for capacity is increasing. Therefore, we wanted a platform with greater scalability and an extremely stable operation. Everything has been consolidated and virtualized. We have a state-of-the-art storage from NetApp, virtualization from VMware, and besides, we have virtual desktops to all users,” Thomas Reidar Andersen says.

Today, UNICEF has an employee from CURAit permanently committed three days a week to develop, operate, maintain and support 24/7.

The business value for UNICEF lies largely in the service that CURAit provides, and Thomas Reidar Andersen is impressed with the professionalism of CURAit.

“To us it is more important to get the best service than to get the lowest price. And CURAit has proven time and again that they understand our business, and that they are passionate about our case. They are quick to resolve any challenge along the way and really good to explain the choices that they recommend. They advise, based on the infrastructure solutions they fully believe in, and have proven that they do not want the order at any price. If we don’t select the solution that they believe to be the right one, they don’t want to support it”, he says. “This shows high integrity”.

“For a relatively young and small IT company, I am impressed that they are able to serve us this professionally. Their sales process builds on both business consultancy and technical competences, and in my view, they compete with the big IT houses”, he concludes.


  • Professionalism and technical competences
  • High integrity
  • High service level
  • A substitution for an IT manager - a close consulting and sparring partner


  • Virtualization from VMware
  • VDI from VMware
  • Storage solution from NetApp with flashcash
  • Server from CISCO
  • Backup solution from VEEAM
  • CISCO switches
  • Dell SonicWALL HA firewall cluster
  • Avaya phone system


  • Christopher Andersen

    Product Manager
    OneNumber: +4588524903

  • Christian Lausten

    CFO / Partner
    OneNumber: +4588524905