CURAit services

Our core competences at CURAit are divided into three categories; Config, Cloud Store og Managed Services, each of which addresses the issues that we experience at our customers. Read more about each of the three areas below.



Proper hardware and software solutions are essential in order to run a successful business. If your solutions are not fully utilized or composed incorrectly, it’s money down the drain.

In Konfig, we create a strategy for how your business maximizes its value of an upcoming investment in hardware and software. We focus on your company's specific needs, and provide advice on which solutions best correspond to those needs.

In Konfig we supply everything from personal computers and wi-fi to comprehensive solutions within networking, storage and security. Having said that, our solutions are highly specialized. We have carefully selected the best product within each area - which we can fully vouch for - and we only work with one supplier in each area, giving you only the best products and not a wide range of different manufacturers.



Let CURAit maintain, monitor and support your IT. This will leave you with the energy to dedicate your internal ressources to business development and other value-added tasks.

In Managed Services, we offer a contract suited for your business needs. CURAit can partially or completely monitor, support and operate your IT in the extent you prefer, so you can focus on optimizing your business. 

We manage all types and all sizes of tasks and customize an agreement for you. Choose between four different standard agreements with the opportunity to select or deselect elements dependent on what you’ll need. Or how about an antivirus or antispam service agreement? With a service agreement, you will not only get access to one person. You will get access to a whole team of certified and trained technicians and consultants who can support you during working hours or 24/7 – according to your needs.  



Do you lack an overview of your opportunities in the cloud? Then confer with CURAit about the usefulness of hosting your data on premises and in the cloud.

In CLOUDstore you will get advices from certified consultants on how an optimal infrastructure solution may look. We take all your company’s current – and potential – challenges in consideration e.g. where your data should be hosted, a backup plan, recovery time in case of breakdown and the opportunity for scalability.

During the process, we consult on applications and technologies, as well as the demands that a solution must meet. With a cloud solution from CURAit, you will achieve greater flexibility along with a more manageable monthly budget without unexpected expenses. All cloud solutions are based on our Konfig product portfolio, including the strongest products on the market.